Nuisance Bikers??? - No They're NOT>>>

Watching a ‘Police Helicopter’ program the other night about South Yorkshire Police dealing with ‘Nuisance Bikers’.

Voice over explained that these ‘Bikers’ (my quotation marks ) were making life hell for the good residents of various estates.

The word biker and nusicance became synonomous.

And who were these bikers???

10 - 12 - 14 year old Chavvy feral kids on stolen scooters and small off roaders (also stolen ) riding on pavements, parks, through peoples gardens etc…

THEY WERN’T BIKERS by any stretch of the imagination - just young stealing scum.

But every - and I mean every - reference to them was as ‘bikers’.

Call them nuisance kids, teenagers, scum - whatever but once again the media has help add to the general prjudice out there from Daily Mail readers.

Bikers = nuisance = scum… grrrrr

I was equally incensed by the bias in that programme, but haven’t got round to suggesting they show a balanced view yet!

Thats right.

Mind you I shouldn’t get too upset because any one with half a brain cell realises that these programs sensationalise to the point of being worthles ****e.

I well remember the frontman on ‘Police, Camera, Action’ always lecturing you about safety and responsibility “and here is a picture of a complete MADMAN who parked on a double yellow line for a whole 2 minutes!!!” subsequently crahing his Bentley into a tree and being found by the police to be 3 times over the limit…

How I laughed!

Whilst we can argue til the cows come home about the semantics of what is & isn’t a biker (ride all year, not-scooterists, do their own spannering, yadda, yadda, yadda… yawn) to the general public it’s quite simple, if you’re on a motorbike you’re a biker, always been the same always will be.