nuetral light probs??

right, normally the cbr rides fine, but every now and then when coming to a stop to park, click it into nuetral, but the green light just flickers as though you have gone past the nuetral into second, but letting the clutch out, it is indeed out of gear, however if you put the sidestand down, engine cuts out as though it was in gear??

on re-starting, although its in nuetral, bike wont start, unless you hold in the clutch, meaning the bike thinks its in gear maybe???

all suggestions welcome

i had the same symptoms on my Bros, and it was a dirty/broken neutral switch.

pull it out and check for continuity when the switch is switched and not.

It’s not the cause exactly, but a loose chain can make this problem worse I have found.

I’ve had this exact problem on my CBR for nearly 2 years now, light either comes on or doesnt, if its on it usually flickers and I can’t start the engine when the bike is on the side stand and I usually have to start it by pulling the clutch in. It doesn’t really bother me believe the neutral switch needs replacing or cleaning. (i’ve tried adjusting the chain many-a-time to see if it makes a difference but it doesn’t)

One day i’ll get around to sorting it out :rolleyes:

just had new chain and sprockets fitted at weekend, so were rule out the chain, someone else said the switch so Ill get that checked out, cheers all

ooh just remembered something.

take off your front socket and make sure the neutral switch wire isn’t trapped between the metal thingy that goes around the sprocket. Mine had been wedged in there for god knows how long, still didnt solve it for me but might be worth checking

Switch for sure. The sidestand issue is just a confirmation that the switch isn’t working (which the light is an indication of). The only way the bike knows that a gear has not been selected is the netural switch, so in gear plus sidestand down equals cut out so you don’t ride away like that, but with the clutch out its ok.

However, neutral switches are a bit of a bitch to get to.

Same thing happened to my CBR600… Neutral switch is not hard to get to… It is probably worn out…

Here is a pic of my old switch and the new switch… I bought the new switch from david silver spares.

As you can see the old switch gets worn away so does not make contact with the earth connection on the gear selector drum.

You need a needle nose pliers, look under the front sprocket cover. there is a wire in a recess under the sprocket.

use the pliers to pull off the plastic clip holding the wire, then a 12 or 14mm socket (can’t remember which) to remove the switch. Replace it with new switch, push back on the plastic clip holding the wire.

Voila!! Side stand down with engine running!!!

cheers matey, good description on what sounds an easy fix, I’ll get onto it, I’ll try DSS for new switch first:)

Oh I should clarify that when I said under the front sprocket cover I mean literally under where the cover is… You do NOT have to remove the sprocket cover, it is not inside the sprocket cover, but literally under it.

To be really good advice, I would say to pull the wire, undo the switch and look at it. If it is worn flat like the picture I put, then buy the new switch. Just so that you are sure that that is the problem, and not just a loose wire problem.

well, you were right cbrkid, pulled it out earlier, and worn flat same as your picture, although my camera is crap, you can just see it

No Probs!! Now when you get the new switch it will take you literally 2 minutes to change it!!

And your camera is fine!! That fence in the background is in perfect focus!! hahaha

My next job is to check my IAT sensor (plugs into top of airbox…) I have a nasty flat spot at about 7,000 RPM that someone on another forum said was that sensor packed up…