Now you know why the riding was good on the No To The Bike Parking Tax demo’s - half of them were Police spies.

Good, cos when the student riots got out of hand, they got criticised… now i know the bikers had no intention of getting nasty… but they were planning to try to cause traffic chaos weren’t they? Other people could have kicked it off, as they dont like like being held up on their journeys…

They should infiltrate more demo’s i think… :slight_smile:

So I guess you would have liked to have lived in East Germany or Saddam’s Iraq when one in ten people was a police spy then?

The statement ‘They should infiltrate more demo’s i think’ is a profoundly anti-democratic sentiment.

When you get five minutes please have another think on this one. :wink: :slight_smile:

considering the lack of jobs out there, massive cuts getting made left right and centre, £1 a day to park in central london is a bargain. They, you, whoever should get back to work and be grateful


People still moaning about about the NTBPT? If they wanna protest, let them - if your not interested just leave them be.

£1 a day, £5 a week, £20 a month = £240 a year, more than my bike insurance cost & I moan about paying insurance!

im sick of hearing about these stoopid protests, i couldnt give a **** about it, stop blocking all the roads up with your crappy demo!, the other week when they left the ace for a demo, one idiot blocked the whole of the oncoming traffic from the a40, didnt stop me getting through or the other cars, he soon moved out of the way, its £1 per day or thereabouts, and tbh there are some bays that are for free in central London if you can be bothered to look for them

from what i remember its only in westminster anyway!

to be honest even with a fine its still cheaper than parking a car for the day :w00t:

Not quite.

1 Day£1.001 Week£3.501 Month£13.501 Quarter£33.501 Year£100.00


How can you possibly compare what she said with East Germany and Iraq? Your response possibly highlights that you do not value other opinions.

Asking her to think about it again has a vague hint of the patronising about it.

The poster is clearly advocating a police state by calling for widespread secret police infiltration of public pressure groups - pressure groups are a recognised and valued part of the democratic process.

To remind the poster of what a police state looks like I cited two examples - East Germany and Iraq.

What part of the above do you not understand or does not make sense to you? - I’m not being patronising - just asking you to elucidate your opinion in the spirit of open and friendly discussion.

A 10th of the yearly train ticket, seems like a bargin :wink:

i sense this will be a typical londonbikers post…

there will be 15 pages of everyone voicing their opinion, many arguments and flaming, then itll get moved to another part of the forum and locked :w00t:

Do you have any idea how much it costs in to deploy undercover police? I don’t, but I can bet it’s a heck of a lot. So to worry that the police are going to set up a legend and get someone placed into every possible pressure group is just being well, a bit silly, I think. Any group or demonstration that has the potential to cause a threat of some sort to people going about their normal law-abiding business should be monitored. And if it cannot be done through overt means, then covert is necessary. Would you rather the police only reacts to events that have already happened, or would you rather they tried to prevent them happening at all?In my view it is not only legitimate for a democracy to use covert surveillance, but essential. The test of a democracy or a “free country” in this context is in how it ensures that there is no mis-use of such powers and that any mis-use that does occur can be called to account.

Jezzus Christ, It was a current affairs joke. Is a humour bypass a prerequisite here? (other than sexist blokey stuff?) I just give up.
It was original, I thought it up myself, I did not steal it from anywhere else.

Thats all very well but if you have been following the NTBPT issues on here you will have found that there are very mixed feelings about the whole thing. So to assume that everyone will realise that it was something you made up was a little short sighted on your part.

Yeah I followed it for a while then gave up as it got too boring.

keep arguing, its funny

Is that just the 5 minutes, or the full half hour?

Current affairs?