NRC Casing. How much can they take??

I have had my first slide on my NRC alternator cover. I’m not sure if I need to replace it or if they normally take quite a few hits before they go though. Has anyone had experiance with these??
I have to ride home from my trackdays so can’t take the risk of it wearing though on the next hit. This is how much I have worn it:


Rockingham Slide NRC 01.JPG

Rockingham Slide NRC 03.JPG

Rockingham Slide NRC 02.JPG

Bad luck Mike. It doesn’t look too bad, I know they’re thick cases. Most likely one of our racers will be able to comment on this with a conclusive opinion. I used to run an NRC cover on my last 750, loved it. Moved to Woodcraft covers with the 1000 because they have replacable skid-plates, so after an off, you can most likely just swap out the plate that takes the brunt of the off. The downside is they’re a bit more expensive, but I think they’re worth it in the long-run and would pay for themselves after one off.

I looked at Woodcraft but they don’t seem to do them for such an old bike. I like the idea of the replaceble plates though.

Have to say I’m very happy with the NRC. The last time I lowsided on the Honda cover it was very messy and certainly no riding home. This time I just picked up the bike and carried on - well kind of, considering I had no gear or foot peg! =o)

From the pics, its just tickled it. They take quite a good hammering, it looks fine from the pics.

Phew Thats what I was hoping! I have heard people have slid a few time on these before they break through but guess it’s hard to compare one hit to another. Thanks mate!

I sent NRC the pictures and this was their reply:
“From what I can see, this type of abrasion is quite minor and should pose no problem. In the past, I have had racers brag about going down as many as 10 times and still use them. In fact, one racer stated that his bike was destroyed from a bad tumble but he salvaged our covers and installed them on another bike.”

Chuffster you’re quite right. They’re made of pretty tough stuff!!