Now this was close

I bet he now has brown pants.

sh1t!! that was a mach3 close shave!! :w00t:

Oh dear that was close… was waiting in anticipation for it to happen!

I’m thinking Gillette Fusion close :wink:

Lucky Guy to be honest that took some skill to avoid that car at that speed and distance :smiley:

amended that for you :smiley: :wink:

The skill to be admired here is the car driver’s, as he who moved left in time to prevent smashing into the biker who was on his side of the road!

I can’t see any skill whatsoever on the biker’s part; quite the contrary.

Not exactly full marks for observation though…

It’s “stunts” like that that end up as the statistics we eventually read about. Eeeeejot.

The more important observation though, what’s with the ‘America’s most dangerous Police chases’ style stupid dubbed vehicle sounds :hehe:

Hehe Afro, yeah the sound effects they add is a joke.


silly place to try and wheelie. lucky boy!

Dunno why the guy did not lean a bit more to get to the right side of the road, then locked up his rear brake in panic…as pang said, luck was the only that stopped him being a statistic.

Luck my lilly white ass…stupid thing to do…hope that knocked some sense into him.

Maybe target fixation?

It didn’t look like skill to me, it looked like he sat up and then locked the rear wheel. I believe the correct action in this situation is constant throttle and then lean like your life depends on it.

What a [email protected]:D

Lucky Boy/Girl:Whistling:

I wonder where thet was taken? Scenery and cars look like The States but they are on our side of the road:hehe:

poor car driver… guy on the bike deserved a week of involuntary arse clenching :smiley:

Top marks car driver for reactions.

Fail to the biker who is a **** and lucky to be alive/in possession of his legs. . .