Now this is special...

taken from PB magazine


The is ugly, ugly, ugly… Rather drive a car than being seen riding this…:sick:

why are there seperate seats for the right and left cheeks?

what teh fug would you know!?

you own a 675…:w00t: :sick:

Like that!!! 'ol skoooool flava :smiley:

Whatever, LOooser!!! :wink:

2 stoke sir, you obviously have no idea about big 2 stroke bikes…:wink:

if it had a single underseat exhaust rather than the million at the moment then i’d consider it:)

I bet thats very reliable.

2-strokes are pritty much time bombs:hehe:

There’s no accounting for taste mate, he can’t help it being a frenchy an all :smiley: he’ll probably buy one of those good looking $hitroens :slight_smile:

nope nope nope…

you all just dont get it do ya…

its suppposed to have 4 pipes!! its a big stroker!!

reliable…prob not…but then if you look after it…who knows…

anyway it would go liek bloody stink! sound awesome and smell absolutley terrific

Looks like an SRAD that’s been chavved up in Halfrauds :stuck_out_tongue:

would love to see something like this happen!

but thanks to current EU emmission guidelines it would be tamed down like fugg to even get near the market. Even Aprilia sacked off the RS250 in 2005 think it was??? because they couldnt/or didnt want to produce a stroker which complied with emmissions. I say ban MPV’s bring out the strokers :D:D:D:D:D

wot he said!!:smiley:

Not necessarily.

Some of the manufacturers (Aprillia and Yamaha I think) have developed direct injection two stroke engines that give better fuel economy and cleaner emissions that the four stroke equivalent so it’s possible that we may see two stroke engines becoming more popular again in future:w00t:

how about these then ?

a rs 250 out to 500 , or even add a cylinder and make it a 1000 … serious grin factor :w00t:

I was going to reply, but then R1ckys avatar got me sidetracked again. :rolleyes:

IMAGINE A 1000CC TWO STROKE!!!:w00t::w00t:

OMG…that would be one evil bitch of a bike!:smiley:

I read in Bike magazine that Lotus have developed a clean running large capacity 2 stroke engine called Omnivore with variable compression to run efficiently.

It allows a smaller, lighter design that can produce much more power and efficiency on the same fuel than a conventional engine.

haha know what you mean :smiley: