Now THIS is My Kinda Table Service

So thats where beer comes from

brilliant…but where do the tips go then!!

Service with a smile. Can’t beat that.

Ok! You made your point here mate! You definitely are going out more and to better places than me… now, where’s the bloody bar???

So where is the pub ? go on tell us drool drool

Is it a gay bar? none of the punters seem to be eyeing her up, i don’t think i would be able to stop eyeing her up cold shower time!!!

I wanna go there…its looks to be in holland or germany if u look at teh sign at the back i can make out some of it…just a theory!

I wanna go where is it?

ok let’s organize an LB outing to the bar !!! Pleeeeeeease

It’s in Czech, so methinks it’s a trip to Prague for you guys!

how d’you know that Paivi??

I’m a bit of a whizz when it comes to European languages. I speak a few of them, and the rest I tend to recognise. Can’t beat continental education!

Is this where the christmas party is going to be maybe it could catch on at the ace!

Or Bar Italia: all those Italian waiters, naked…mmmm… How you doing?

well I can ride to Prague - I’ll ride to hell and back if there’s a shag at the end of it!!!