Now this is clearly wrong... Gina, What say you?

Dear All,

You may or may not know this, but the DVLA(Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency for any non UK members looking) is selling your personal details to companies and other organisations without your permission. All they need is to be registered with the DVLA - input your vehicle registration. Hey presto your name and address are given to the company.

Recently the Daily Mail and other newspapers have written about such companies and how it is believed that the DVLA is in breach of the Data Protection Act.
Some of the companies registered with the DVLA are run by convicted criminals.

The DVLA charges £2.50 per request.

No other Government Department or Agency has the right to sell information about you.
The Data Protection Agency is not happy, MPs are not happy but the DVLA is selling your details with the full backing of the Treasury and the Government

There is legal e-petition available for you to sign if you want to make your feelings known to the government. The petition dead line is 17th April 2007.

Full petition description for you information In some Tesco supermarket car-parks, all cars are photographed as they
enter and again when they leave. The date & time at which each photograph is taken is recorded, and if the car has exceeded the free parking allowance, Tesco’s computer sends a file of registration numbers to the DVLA. The DVLA computer adds the name & address related to each registration, and sends the
file back. Tesco then post a bill to the person who has over-stayed. I understand that the DVLA needs to know who owns a car, but this information is private, and should not be used for commercial purposes.

The petition description relates to Tesco’s, but big companies such as McDonald’s are using private car park enforcement companies who have registered with the DVLA to get your personal details.

There is a link below if you wish to sign the petition.

This is another invasion and breach of your personal security. Government sponsored piracy.

As far as I am aware the company who run and operate the computer systems within the DVLA also own and operate the National Lottery computer network systems. If my memory serves me correct it is a company called G-Tech an american company who have actually been investigated by the department of justice in america.

that is realy boversome how do they get away with it!! surely there must be some way to stop it there must be an act that protects urself from this invasion

bovverd now just think who else can get hold of ur details!!!

AFAIK, the DVLA only “sells” your information to companies that have a valid right to the information (e.g. using your examples above it is private property you are entering on - obey they’re rules or don’t enter.)

This sounds like another Knee Jerk petition against an issue that doesn’t actually exist.

Stop Scaremongering!

There’s been a few articles on this before. The companies claim to be legit and then swindle you with use of the DVLA database

Afraid it’s a real problem