Now, that's my kind of PC!

If they lounch a Jack Daniels model i buy it! I sware!

Jacks fine, but Jim Bean is better.

Ops! Have never tried that one?? Thanks Dan, I will look in to it, lol

Dan… Please don’t encourage Cezar! You haven’t seen him after a couple!!!

Actually Foxy, I think we have.

Until he removed the offending pictures

And it wasn’t pretty.

Keep him from the booze. Please.


But the more he drinks, the more blackmail opportunities for the rest of us! Here, have another drink, Cezar…

You all are horrible to me! I even don’t drink that much… I’m a week drinker, I get drunk very quickly but I never did anything that… Well only placed those pics here… Oh! never mind…

“A week drinker”


Nice and consistent, all week, every week.

Cezar man, you are a gem. Really.

I was actually thinking of raising money to the air ambulance by getting people to bid for the Cezar PVC catsuit photos. Cezar (“a gem”? a diamond geeza?) to double the winning donation if he wants to stop publication…

Dont you dare! I will place this pics back here so this terrible black mail will end!

“Blackmail”? Such a nasty word, Cezar… Call it financially motivated gentle persuasion…