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Now that's impressive

Just amazed how anyone goes about amassing this amount of parts, yes I know it’s a business but still.

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Isn’t that Mian’s garage?


Looks proper dodgy to me, most of the box labels are new and have been recently applied, not what you’d expect from an ongoing 25 year old business. What’s it really worth? What the market will bear which is most probably 50 tons at scrap clearance rates.

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It might be that he added these new labels over old ones for the sale so they are visible in photos.

Regardless, this is not something can be sold on eBay. Who spends £200k on something without seeing it?

Suspect he did it as a way of getting it advertised widely.

But my god, put a bit of effort in the description. I mean you are selling something the price of a home and the description looks like it was written for a mate.

Maybe it will sell itself and anyone in the business doesn’t care about how it reads (likely) but it just seems like good practice to me. Doesn’t have to be copywritten, but a few bullets and a grammar/spell check should always be done.

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Unless those parts were new he’s on crack. No way all of that is worth that much.
No pictures of the van.

An established ebay account with good feedback though, that’s harder to quantify.

I forwarded the link to a friend who has made a career as an eBayer of bathroom and kitchen accessories. He says if he had a warehouse he would consider making an offer on it; reckons there is mileage in eBaying the items one by one.

Obviously it’s hard work but that’s what he does at the moment collecting unsold stock from wholesalers and eBaying them individually.

I wonder how much has value and how much is scrap. I do eBay occasionally. A lot of the people on there are so cheap though or suffer from severe buyers remorse which puts me off.

Stuff like the FZR400 will be worth a bit but like the er5 parts will be almost worthless.