now thats! a rolling stoppie!

and in slo-mo


Holy cow… Trying his best Superman impersonation, but FAILED miserably!

Can’t believe the bike didn’t land on him.

Looks like a mechanical failure. There doesn’t seem to be a reason to panic brake in the video.

Phuck! His bike was so close to taking the bike in front out too.

Yeah that guy was very lucky!!

+1 that guy wouldn’t have even known about it :w00t:

yeah, but what makes you JAM on the front on a fast straight… or what makes a front wheel jam… any mechanical fail locks the rear…

Good lord.

don’t fancy the landing, but the flying part must be one hell of a feeling :w00t:

wonder as well what the reason for that could’ve been in the first place O_O

That is just insane to watch. That could of been a lot worse.

Maybe one of the pads on the front caliper broke loose and jammed in the disc thats all I can think of that would lock the front so quickly

if it locked the front quickly wouldnt that result in a front washout as there isnt enought weight transfered to the front?

It’s not really a rolling stoppie :smiley:

Anyway he CLAIMS that the pads had warmed up since the last lap and bit a lot harder than he was expecting, the more likely truth is he came in fast and grabbed a handful.

+1 that’s what I was thinking too :w00t:

Is this Jaime racing his bosses scooter :w00t:

I dont think tha I was that dramatic :rolleyes:

wooohooo!!! what a crash! He came way to hot, panic set in, didnt have the correct line to get round, panic some more…harder on brakes, weight goes forward, rear lifts, snatches (couldnt help it) and front locks… = that wicked crash!!