Now that's a ford to try and cross on next rideout

Maybe not in a delivery van

Always a good selection here


Only saw half way, was disappointed to see no bikes

Its not called an air box snorkel for nothing, keep it above the water and you’ll be fine. Had to laugh at the 4x4’s with roof top snorkels that proceeded at a cautious snails pace.

+1 where are the mo’cycles?

Reminds me of when we did Little Baddow ford. Some muppet in a Ford Transit entered the ford at about 20 mph, showing us how it was done. Ground to a halt part way across probably with a hydrolocked engine, shame.

Depends if it’s a snorkel or a raised air intake, two very different things. Raised air intakes are much help in deep water as they’re not sealed against water ingress

An air box snorkel should be air tight whether its fitted directly to the air box or part of a raised stack. If its air tight its water tight, if its not its fitted incorrectly and pointless.

And when can’t drive, boat!