Now all rehomed

As per the title - I have the following up for rehoming and, as long as the p&p is covered, they’re yours for freeeeee. (Although if you want to chuck a few pennies towards your local Air Ambulance or Macmillan then I’m sure they’d love you for it.)

They’re either new and unworn or used - and washed - literally just the once.

2 x pairs of Knox Dry Inside base layer leggings size XS or roughly a lady size 8.

1 x Knox Cold Killers base layer leggings size S or roughly a lady size 10.

What ate they lying on? Your living room carpet? Can we see a pic of the walls please?

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LoL, always nice when my rug gets comments. I think my tastes are best described as eclectic.

I’ve shown ya mine, now let’s see yours.

Oh OK then

@eezie I had no idea that you lived in such a hovel. How do you cope?

I know I am so embarrassed but the hoover’s broken and the bailiffs have just been and taken the TV.