Hi, What’s everybody’s opinion on New Era CB500 class as my first venture into racing??

Have heard a few rumours that there are organisation problems with the club… but I chose it because they have a round coming up at Mallory, where i’ve done some trackdays before, and so wouldn’t be learning a brand new circuit.

Encouragement would be well recieved :smiley:

…and I know I’m still pretty slow, but am hoping to improve with experience :wink:


Wow. It’s that bad of an idea is it?? :unsure:

Speak to Seb#43

I don’t think the class is a problem but maybe the organisation by what you have said. I know that Bemsee and North Gloucester are very well run and they also have a class that would suit.

Maybe PM Powerpuff Girl or Seb43 as they are regular club racers.

Good luck in your dream and keep us informed how you get on.

If you have a Cb500 already and want to race it then you’d be better off getting in touch with Thundersport GB. They run the CB’s on mass now and there is a very wide spread of rider ability so you will always have someone to race. New era has very very very few riders so it wouldn’t be much fun really.

Pretty sure the next round is Rockingham National circuit which is a great track. Loads of fun and you can learn it on the designated test day :slight_smile:

Google Thundersport and give them a call.

If you are looking to get a bike then mini twins is a great series to start in.

Good luck and enjoy!

Well, I did the Mallory Park round - got a 4th and 5th in class :slight_smile: Fell off in practice though! :smiley:
But I’m still learning the bike so I still need to seriously improve my times and work on getting comfy on the bike.

I loved it though - I did a test day at Cadwell last friday, and should be racing there again on saturday at the Dave Holland meet.

I was with Thundersport GB when I got my ACU licence, and that’s really where I’d like to have a go next season, but New Era certainly seems good enough. Plus, the lap times are generally a lot faster at Thundersport, so I’m working my way up towards New Era times first… then maybe I’ll be able to keep up with the thundersport guys :blink: hopefully.