Novice forum poster here.

Hello all, im Pete, in east london with my trusty old ZX-7R. Do many trackdays and summer road riding.

Let me know if you need a sparky.

welcome to LB pete… :smiley:

hello and welcome

cheers and hello again. Dont suppose anyone has some nissin calipers for sale with a 90mm spacing???

Welcome to LB!

Hello and welcome:cool:

Keep an eye out for exciting news of our exclusive LB trackdays this year;)

will do cheers.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi there and welcome! :slight_smile:

thanks all for the warm welcome.

Hi Pete

Killer#1 needs a sparky for his zx7 if you do bike electrics too :)… welcome to the site… Qx

Hello and welcome to LB:D

greetings bud, im sure your talents will be appreciated on here :P:P

just domestic im afraid…no bike electrics. but i do have a 7r if advice is needed.

Hi & welcome to LB :smiley:

welcome to lb