Nothing like pain in the morning....

Well I’m off two wheels again. Getting out of bed this morning I popped the disk in my back again. The language I used would have made Prince Philip blush!

This will be the third time this year, to say that I am not happy is an understatement. Taking the mind altering drugs again, and already have another spinal injection of steroids lined up for Monday.

At this rate I think that the spinal fusion operation is fast becoming the solution.

Getting really really sick to death of this.

Awwww so sorry luvvie i hope the drugs kick in quicker than last time…just don’t take too many lol:w00t:

and don’t drive like you did too - you silly billy!!!


Im really sorry to read this Kev, it was only on weds you were proudly telling me you were ‘clean’ of all drugs!!! Take it easy and hope you feel better soon xxx

Feel better dude :frowning:

Sorry to hear and hope you get better soon.

Aaaaiiiieeee. And you were looking well on Wednesday. GWS, hope the pain fades fast.

Oh no, what a drag :frowning:

Get well soon Kev :cool:

Ditto - get well soon chuck

My mind is going, I can feel it. :doze:

ouch that cant be nice. i got up to go to work ,got to door trip sprained foot thats me not riding today, and felt sory for myself s…t man thats a b…tch ha sory man

GWS Kev x

It does sound nsaty mate. Take it easy and relax.

Unlucky mate, was good to see you out and about again. But if the operation is the way forward then that is the way…

Sorry to hear this buddy! :pinch:

Hope this gets sorted sooner rather than later mate! :wink:

If I can do you any favours, let me know! :wink:

that sucks!
hope you get better soon!!


Drugs are kicking in, they’ve increased dosage of the previous prescription by 250% in some cases.

Looks like I’m going to be sleeping alot over the weekend.

taking that many drugs really can’t be good for your mind. I was about to say I’m surprised they’ve not done a fusion operation already.
then it’s probably the NHS, so no surprise at all

Get well soon Sweetie :kiss:

Yeah the effect on the mind is twofold. The tramadol is a synthetic opiate, and you do run the risk of addiction. Diazepam is even more addictive, and does have a direct impact on the mind and nervous system. However given the pain I would rather be a little fuzzy in the mind and be able to sleep rather than in constant pain. And it does drag you down.

Although a spinal fusion would sort out the problem there is a significant risk of paralysis, as nerve channels would have to be carved into the bone.

I certainly can’t carry out like this. This is the forth prolapse in two years, and the third in six months.

Will be getting some advice next week.