Nothin to do with bikes but...

Can anyone tell me which choice I need to make.
Burning a disc on iTunes.
I make my Playlist,
I hit burn.
It asks me Music CD? Mp3 CD or Data CD?

The CD’s I’ve got say CD-R on them, but no mention of data or music or MP3…

Can anyone point me in the right direction because every time I try and burn a disc it gets 97 percent through the process then says, “Cancelling Burn, Unknown error 4701”

Can anyone who knows anythin about this tell me which bit I’m gettin wrong?
Or is there somethin else I’m missin?

(told you it wasn’t about bikes :slight_smile:

CDR take anything music (so you can play on hifis) or data (this can be mp3s,photos,videos etc) that can be played on pcs (or some hifis that read mp3 file)

you cant have a mix of the two - so it can only be a music cd or a data cd.

check that the cd is blank first of all…

Yeah, brand new discs, fresh out of the celophane wrapper, but 3 discs have hit this “Unknown Error”.

1 of the tunes is a P2P download (and before folks get worried about piracy, I’ve owned the original disc it came from 4 different times and either lost it or lent it out so I think I’ve paid for it adequately by now)… could it be some form of write protection that’s blocking the write-completion?

Otherwise I’m stumped. I’m not over-filling the space, I’m using new CD’s not DVD’s, I’ve got no idea why it won’t complete?

a) itunes is crap so cant help there…
b) if you know where the files are (i.e not randomly spread in your itunes crap folders) then why dont you use a normal recording program and not crappy itunes
c) p2p files should make no differnce in normal circumstances outside of itunes
d) if the size was larger than the cd size it wouldnt start recoding

so either its a corupted mp3 or corrupting program… oh no is itunes… :smiley:

ps iTunes is stooopid

if your putting it on a cd mate go for music cd unless your cd player can read mp3, music cd will work in any player. mp3 only compatable one’s.

Hope that answered your question

You could also try a different brand of CDR to see if that makes any difference. Not all CDRs are created equal and some burners get on better with a particular brand.

I personally wouldnt use iTunes to burn a CD I have found it unreliable in the past and either use Nero, Mixmeister or Roxio.


Sounds like you are trying to burn something that you purchased on iTunes. The DRM might not allow you to do this so the program errors out.

This is one reason I still buy CDs.