Nother newbie shown the light by.....

Well here I was thinking that I had the “right” londonbikers forum and was told on Friday night up at the Ace that there is TWO of them!!!

Well was told about a “london bikers forum” by a guy forget the name riding a Honda V4 400 “piece of Cr*p” as he phrased it just a day or two after I picked up my new Bandit 1200SA.

Anywho’s here I am, was good to chat and meet with some of you Friday night at the Ace “” crowd. Oh and that very sexy lady that JUST had to change into her skirt from her riding gear. thumbsup but you still looked good in ya gear :stuck_out_tongue: Hope to see more of you out and about and will make the Waterloo drinks one Wednesday.

History: Been riding since counts erm erm 10yrs old, been through the dirties, streeties, sports, cruisers, etc. Currently have an 02 Softail garaged in Spain and now the 06 Bandit 1200. Oh and before I forget… I am a YANK but have lived most of my life in Europe so guess that it dont really count now does it?

Alright then step up and order ya libation.

/me drops tab behind the counter for the LB folk

Careful with it… there IS a limit on the card folks… :S

A very warm welcome mate…

Hi and welcome to the LBs, hope to meet you at the Ace sometime


Good Morning and Welcome to LB

Welcome aboard!

Watchout for LBer’s with Sticks

Here, catch, bumper-sized tube of Arnica bruise-relieving cream. And if I can get it back off one of the other recent newbies I’ll pass on the Protection Against Newbie Thumping Shield (a.k.a. PANTS). You’ll need it if Da Artist catches up with you!

Welcome, hope to be at the next Newbie meet on 6th Nov at Ace.

P.A.N.T.S…i love it

AHHHH SLAP SLAP SLAP ChoccieMuffin is every where today


Welcome to lb, two lbs? Just done a search, the second option is Cezar’s website and Jay later on?

Hey Morgawr, welcome to LB! Bikes sound cool, why note post up some pictures of them in the pictures forum for us! Hope to see you at our Cubana meet on Wednesday!

Will see what I can do, need to dig for the piccies of the Softail but the Bandit is riden daily so shouldnt be a problem although just had my indicators moved back about a foot today had the Givi pannier racks put on and the indicators have to be “re-located”… Oh well just gives me the perfect excuse to tidy up the tail end (of the bike thanks) on a quicker schedule than previously desired

Am sure that I see some of you nutters out there in the mornings - get on the North Circ at North Finchley (Tesco) and head west to Hanger Lane then its up the A40 to Denham Roundabout and then on into Slough. So if you see a black RA06 Bandit with red and black Dainese outfit on, GET OUTTA THE WAY as it normally dont like to go slow and the brakes are ermm how can I say this, slow to operate.

OH and the horn rarely works so watch for fingers or fist on the side of cars/mirrors

Welcome to LB.

A warm welcome


Welcome to LB!

poke poke with the newbie stick



welcome to the real LB mate.