Not the MayDay run...

(Updated 2007-05-05 00:03)

Several folk have expressed an interest in a ride-out on Monday 7th May that completely avoids Hastings and bikers who think they can do what they like, regardless of other road users.

So I propose a “Not the MayDay run”, to Milford-on-Sea.

Route and meeting points to be finalised, but the first thoughts are:

1st meet Sainsbury’s just off the A316. Then do a not-so-known route (B386) to:

2nd meet Notcutt’s Nursery on the A30 at Bagshot. Then stay on A30 though Basingstoke and then onto the B3400 around the Test valley.

We’ll go a zig-zag through the New Forest, then down to Milford-on-Sea, within sight of the Needles. Shingle beach (bring flip-flops), and a swim perhaps - bring whatever for that, perhaps nothing. There’s a cafe right there, and pubs and eateries within striking distance.

Then back via Lymington, Beaulieu, Romsey, Stockbridge. At this point some may want to whizz home on the Motorway, others can come for a random bimble eastwards.

This will be technically learner-legal, but although all speed limits will be adhered to it won’t be purposely slow.

Thanks to Terry, Eric and Ginger for the idea(s) at BM tonight, maps and further details will be appended to this first post as and when.

ChoccieMuffin - babysitter required
Little Miss T
Dannyboy - last minute perhaps
Killer #1
Drei if he makes his mind up/wakes up
Lustfish - tentatively
Simon & Michelle

Meeting points:

Sainsbury’s (10:00 depart):,171906&st=4&ar=Y&mapp=newmap.srf&searchp=newsearch.srf

NotCutt’s (11:00 depart):

ETA Milford 14:00 what with stops and things.

Garmin route down:

Maps with route marked:

Babysitter permitting, I’d love to… definitely like the idea of speed-limit runs, my bike can do those!

Heh, I thought of you and those who live sarf-west (and sarf-east who might come via the M25) with the Notcutt’s (Bagshot) meet.

Those more northerly might wish to meet at the Ace beforehand, but that’s up to them.

Timings are not worked out yet, but for my own sake, it will not be very early - or even just early…


Drei, this is for people who specifically DON’T want to go to Hastings. So if you want to go to Hastings there will be 1 or 2 (thousand) bikers going there, just some people don’t want to but still want to go out to play, just a bit more slowly!

Like the idea of “not early” too - what’s all this rubbish I see about people getting up at the crack of sparrow’s fart so they can get to the South coast for breakfast at 7? Barking, totally mad idea.

If I can find a babysitter for the small one who came with us last time I promised the bigger one I’d take her on the next run, so you might eventually get to meet all of my clan.

Count me in for this one

I like the sound of this one but will have to let you know last minute if thats OK. I am going fishing up north and not sure when I will be back.

Is the Wyvale garden centre the one on the right hand side (A30 towards Bracknell) off the roundabout that takes you to the A329?

Cracking Idea Grommit!!

Makes my PM slightly unnecessary - but always another day - like Sat or Sun!

I’m in!!

Cool, my old stomping ground where I was brought up (Lymington and the New Forest)! Are you sure I can’t drag you all over to my fav roundabout near Bournemouth? Charly would love it.

I’ll be coming back up from Bath via Cornwall!?! So I might try and join you guys

Sounds very good to me. I shall join you on this on for my first LB rideout.

It’d be nice to see your shiny new bum, oops I meant bike!!

Fell off face of the world have ya, eh, eh, eh???

still waiting for the spray on leathers hun but the bikes tail is still on the untouched and rather large side until I get the pennies together for a new tailtidy

I’m here, just having a life outside of LB for a bit…
It will be good to catch up. How did Jason’s wedding go?

I HATE EXAMS!!! I cant make this one, sounds good and want to go!!!

Sounds like more fun than Hastings Put us down!

Be lovely to see you too!!!

Jason not married yet, just moved into flat they bought - that’s current distraction, but he also moved jobs, now with BMW in Kent. So no more friendly “test rides” at Doble’s -

Life outside LB - SHOCKER!!!

You got new interest apart from white n black cbr??eh, eh, nudge, nudge, wink, wink etc

You might even oversleep again

I would love to go but that horrible word work gets in the way. have a good time folks

I’m not quite sure what you’re inferring young man.

Maybe see you Monday x

put me down please…think terrymoto is as well

Yeah but no one else was going to join me, and you cant even find it