Not the best start to the Dakar

Whenever I watch the IOM TT, I fear this happening :frowning: The risks people will take to get closer to the action…

you mean like this?

It is very scary when a bike is sliding towards you, by the time you see it, it is right next to you. I had a few experiences of it last season, its lucky the Armco and Rectacell barriers separate the Marshalls from the track as there were a couple of times i’ve had one hit the barriers right in front of me!! i wouldn’t fancy your chances of getting out the way if one came at you without any protection infront of you

My mate Marc Ramsbotham died at the TT several years ago and was widely vilified for killing and injuring several spectators. I think there’s a sort of inherent indemnity clause agreed by those standing trackside to watch… It’s not ideal, but we all love the sport and take those sorts of risks. I’m sure they’d add grandstands if the government said so, or I’m sure the government would close it down if not… But that’s not what we want is it?