Not that I'm annoyed or anything.........

… but if you were stuck in the queue southbound down Tower Bridge Road at about 5:15pm today, you may like to know why.

At the junction of Tower Bridge Road and Grange Road, a Southbound mini-cab (people carrier) appeared to have been rear ended by a truck. I could see little damage to either vehicle. However the minicab driver had stopped his vehicle, straddling both lanes, at the lights and was exchanging details with the lorry driver. This caused a tailback all the way over Tower Bridge. I told the minicab driver he was supposed to pull over, but he ignored me, even when I resorted to yelling Anglo-Saxon abuse at him. I gather the prick had called the Police to the scene, even though nobody had been injured.

To give you some idea how stupid this man was, his minicab did NOT have any Addison Lee stickers. Yes, this moron was SO stupid, even they wouldn’t employ him.

OK. I’m calm now.

Must be something in the air today then as I was by Canada Water earlier & came up behind a cab sat at a green light. Gave him a toot as he was clearly on the phone! We both went around the corner to the next set of lights, which were red. He was on my o/s in the r/h lane when he realised he should be in my lane. I was just rolling up to the stop line & he just carried on towards me, as if I wasnt there, even though I was looking at him over my shoulder with my finger on the horn!! He finally “saw” me less than a few feet away. I was fuming! Gave him a mouthful, arms waving etc about using the phone. Unbelievable. And he WAS Addison Lee!

There’s some arseholes out there - once saw a guy in Edgware Road straddling two lanes after a very minor shunt and traffic building up behind him INCLUDING AN AMBULANCE om an emergency call with its lights and siren on.

Told driver to move over …he told me to f off and mind my own business a couple of times in front of his 4 - 8 year old kids in the car…I kept polite and told him what a wonderful person his kids must think he is and what a great example , effing and shouting like a drunk tramp…

…that seemed to shut him up anyway…

Pratt that he was! :frowning:

I didn’t know you needed a brain to be a minicab driver. You learn something new every day.

The one that hit me didn’t, and he wasn’t Addi Lee either, but he couldn’t speak English either

Remember Star Wars, Episode IV, the good one, before that Ja Ja bollox turned up and spoiled it all.

Remember the bit when they were trapped in the garbage disposal, in prisoner detention block AA23.

Remember when the walls started to move in, crushing everything inside…

Well, yesterday was like that. Only the walls were a lorry, with its driver on a mobile phone, completely ignoring the red light, coming towards me at speed…

…and I didn’t have my blaster with me!