Not sure whose side I'm on in this clip...

where was he carrying it??? hahahaha…

He should have anticipated that the car was going to move out when he observed the stationary crane. Looks like another helmet cam warrior out looking for trouble.


Biker is an idiot.

What a twat!

Yeah he should have anticipated the driver would move because of the crane. Just looking for trouble.

And who rides around with a grinder???

A bike thief that’s who!

I would have run him over in the car after that!

“He should anticipated that car.”


Sorry Jarrod, do you not carry an anglegrinder on your daily commute?:blink:

Biker behaved like a total cyclist.

Looks a bit fake , if you wanted to cause damage to a car with a grinder you wouldn’t go cutting at a wing mirror .

It would have been quicker to use a reciprocating saw


Nor would you NOT film all the sparks and bits of flying mirror as you are grinding away.
There are a couple of Russian video channels of bikers riding around Russia upholding the law, but the other ones have good quality video, impressive captions, cut-scenes and sound effects :w00t:

That is not comparable at all. In the first video you can see a stationary crane with an operative on it. It’s entirely predictable that the car will have to merge so either overtake it or hang back. In the second video he seems to have no time to react at all. The driver turning right was most likely looking for a car and when she didn’t see one assumed it was clear.

Having said that he took it very well in terms of not kicking off at everyone when he got back on his feet.

^ I agree with what he’s saying ^

I would be angry, but yeah no reason to have a go at the people in the car. The driver is clearly very shaken by what happened and i don’t think she did it intentionally.
Having said that, she still should have looked properly.