Not sure what to do about bad DAS training experience... any advice would be appreciated

So, today was meant to be my first of three days DAS training, but the instructor didn’t show up. I had to go out with another group, but riding a 125cc as the instructor isn’t insured to ride with three people following on 500s.

I didn’t get much in the way of training today, as the focus was on the trainee who had his Mod 2 today. For the first half of the day, I didn’t even have an earpiece. We also spend some time at the test center just waiting for the candidate to do his test. I mainly just followed the group and tried to learn by copying.

When we arrived back at the office at the end of the day, the co-ordinator there told me I wouldn’t be in on Thursday (as booked) because she hadn’t be able to book me a mod2 test for Friday. She wants me to train for mod1 tomorrow, do the mod1 test on Friday - and use my other days training for mod 2 “later on”. Problem is, I don’t have any more time to book off work. Why she is trying to book my mod 2 now, when I booked with her around a month ago, I’m not sure.

The instructor said he was going to try and get me a free day training to make up for today, but after the conversation I overhead yesterday (where the motorcycle school tried to make the instructor pay for taxis for the students to the training pad out of his own money), I don’t know if that’s going to happen.

Does anyone have any advice as to what I could do about this?

Their website/emails is covered in “no refunds” disclaimers, but I am lacking in faith that I’m going to be able to pass when things are being organised like this :frowning:

P.s - I’m not going to name the school just yet, in case they have just been unlucky and sort it all out.

that does sound poor… When I took my test (before mod1 and 2) you always paid for a half day to do some training and take you to the test. On those days the guy I did it with would only do one on ones.

I would send an e-mail explaining what you paid for and what you got - in terms of hours on the road and lack of equipment because of the instructor not turning up. State that you do not intend to pay for days that are not on the cc necessary for you to take the DAS.

But as you say from their clauses they’ve probably covered themselves.

Hopefully more experienced people will be on here to advise :slight_smile:

Yeah, maybe an email would help me lay out my argument. Thanks. I’m pretty sure no matter how many “no refunds” signs you put up, people’s statutory rights are still valid.

So gutted, waiting for this for so long and it’s not really going to plan at all ;[

Post the e-mail up here before you send… a lot of the time these e-mails sound great in your head but on paper does not read well… :slight_smile:

Also a good idea, thanks. Going to wait and see what happens tomorrow and post back.

Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks this sounds poor!

Indeed - the point of the DAS training is to train on a big bike. I would write to them straight away stating that you will not pay for the training on the 125cc. My sympathies - hope you get it sorted.

Sounds a pretty crap experience. However would you really want the mod2 booked the day after the mod1? if you fail that’s two tests fees down pan. Anywhere decent ought to stagger it over a couple of days.

Szymon - Might be a bit hard to tell them I won’t pay since they demand all money up front and have “no refunds” plastered all over their website. The instructor said he will talk to the boss about getting me a free days training since today was a cock up, hopefully the boss is reasonable.

Arfa - Maybe you are right about that. Only thing is, I don’t have my own bike so really wanted to do all the training in a block so I didn’t have any time where I’m getting out of practice.

Will update this thread with new information as it comes!

My goodness. That is shocking service.

What’s the name of the school? They really should be giving you all your money back plus a bit more for the time off work you will have wasted

Sorry buddy!

Hey Conrad! I’ll give the school a chance to fix this before I name 'em on the forum :wink: Would feel awful if they went above and beyond after I shamed them on the forum.

As for your suggestion, if they just make up the time with the good organised training that I paid for, we’ll be a-o-k!

I would also tell them that a learner must be in contact at all times with the instructor through the radio system if not then you where not legal to ride the bike .

FlyingScot - I think that’s why they put me on a 125cc, because I have a CBT and therefore am able to ride “alone” on that bike.

Sounds like Bikewize…

ok just to clear up the rules here for you, a fully qaulified das instructor can only take out 2 riders on big bikes at any one time its nothing to do with insurance.

sounds like you had a down trained instructor or cbt only taking you out and yes because you have a cbt he can take up to 4 people out on the road at the same time crazy i know but thats the rules and during training you should be in visual and or radio contact at all times.

with the rush to get in before the 3rd eu directive taking effect from the 18th jan its almost impossible to get a mod 2 test there are mod 1s out there but no point in booking a mod 1 with out a mod 2 booked in the diary. always have a week between tests incase you need to retake a mod 1 or need to cancel your mod 2 so you dont loose your money.

and to put your mind at rest if your effected by the 3rd directive its likley it will be delayed until 2018

good luck with your training

Thanks very much for all the info Dave!

That really does help.

I ended up making a full post about my DAS experience here (–north-cheam–shame).

Yup. It was the awful Bikewize ;p

I am really sorry to hear this and about the experience you had. It sounds like a total waste of money.

I always found Motag in Crystal Palace very good, with one on one training, but that was in 2004 so they might have changed since then - however, worth a go if you need to try out an alternative.

+1 for motag. good luck.

Yes Motag at Crystal Palace are I nice bunch
Not used them as I passed in 1974 but I do work on their bikes !