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Another Motorola fan here. On the MotoG8 Plus, and can’t really fault it. Perfect for everything I need at £200 outside of contract. Nicely upgraded from previous G4 I had and a lot better than first gen. Only issue I have is I find it a bit big…

+1 The Moto G9 Play seems massive after the Moto G but with my fading eye sight that may be a plus

I cycle everywhere I would generally have ridden the bike these days…

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Well Google Music has gone. And the App is disabled, and cripple so you can’t even play local music! Thank you Google.

If anyone else is looking for an Open Source ad free music player I can Recommend Musicolet.

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didnt you migrate to youtube music. it was painless for me really

I didn’t purchase any music through Google Music I just used it as a player for local music that I have on the SD card. I had installed Youtube Music, but I was out walking today, decided to switch to music from Podcasts, only to be greet with a message that I had no connection (which I didn’t no mobile signal) and i couldn’t get it to play any music. So it’s been uninstalled. Really annoying.

yeah not really the use case of a local music player :man_shrugging:

I use VLC player

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