Not starting/advice sought

Fanitc Casa. Electric start. Not starting. Not turning over. Not been left a long time. No noise from starter at all. Battery charged and fine. Kill switch is out/functioning. Has fuel. Lights working. What next please? Thanks

No crank, no start. If the battery is good (12.4v or more) you’re looking for an electrical fault, it could be any one of many things including a faulty kill switch, neutral switch, side stand switch or a fault in the starter motor circuit (fuse, connectors, solenoid, wiring). A multimeter is your only friend here.

Short the 2 poles on the starter solenoid using a big pair of pliers with good rubber grips so you don’t shock yourself.

Cranks? It’s the solenoid or something on the way to it.
No crank? Could be the starter motor’s locked. Tap it with the handle of a hammer.

battery good. kill switch, seems ok. doesn’t even seem to have a side stand switch…


clever. that’s new to me. shorted and yes it cranks (splutters). So what next please?

Replace the solenoid. It’s probably corroded.

ok, thanks. will try that next (that means another part on back order. I hate this bike).

Check fuse on solenoid ( if fitted )

I have been waiting for the part. Replaced today, but no difference. Any further pointers please?!

  • Not turning over
  • Battery is good.
  • Solenoid is good (replaced)
  • Spark plug is good (replaced)
  • Kills switch not on or stuck down
  • Doesn’t seem to be a side stand switch

does everything come on when you turn the bike on? i.e lights etc and it is just not firing?

If so could it be a faulty starter motor?

You can test this by putting a positive charge straight to the starter relay* which will allow to bypass the switches etc. If you get nothing odds are could be that.

*this might be the wrong technical name, but I know what i’m looking for

correct, everything else (inc lights) comes on. just not firing.
I don’t know how to do what you say…

what bike is it?

Trail bike. Fantic Casa 250. Should be simple.

Should look like this, interestingly looks like there is s fuse in yours so worth looking to see if that has blown

if the fuse is fine, then get a bit of decent wire put it on the live on your battery and then put it on the live connector of the above, see if the starter turns.

Yes, I installed a new one of those yesterday and it came with all new fuses so I know that’s not the problem. It didn’t make any difference to the symptoms.

could it be the starter motor itself then?

that was my thought (although can’t find the exact part, they seem to vary wildly in price)

The correct term here is a ‘no crank, no start fault

Assume nothing, the first thing to check is the starter rely, is the starter relay switching? Test it, with the ignition switched on the relay should make a single audible click when the starter button is pressed. Does the starter relay click?

If the starter relay clicks suspect a failed starter motor. Test the starter motor before replacing it or maybe try to fire up the engine by means of a bump start, if it bump starts but fails to start on the button you most probably need to replace the starter motor but I’d bench test it first to be sure.

If the starter relay does not click suspect a starter circuit electrical fault. A multimeter and wiring diagram is your only friend here. The Fantic Casa may or may not have all of these but the generic things to test include the starter relay, side stand switch, neutral switch, clutch switch, tilt angle sensor, starter motor circuit wiring, fuses, connectors and switches.