Not so new

Ello ello just thought I would pop in and say ello

No alcohol has ben consumed during the making of this post, honest!

Deff not as I don’t drink

Blimey! Been a long old time for you!

Probably sniffing petrol from the beemer!  :slight_smile:

What you riding now Andy?

Hey Andy! How you guys doing?

Gone over to diesel now kevsta lol, got an old K3 gsxr 600 which is going up for sale as I need something bigger and newer

Yeah all good Jay just looking around finally managed to sign back in lol, only looked on the phone need to get on computer to have a proper look round but yeah looks good so far

well there is a name I’ve not seen on here in a long time. How you doing

Merry Christmas to you & Chris.  Hope to see you both soon xx

Hello Potter!