Not right

Don’t know if you have heard about this but Ken Livingstone is planning
to use tax payer’s money to build an enormous mosque costing an estimated
100M in the docklands. What do you think about it? Wouldn’t it be better to
spend the money on a new hospital or improved transport facilities??
The plan is for the mosque be so big that people flying in from all over
the world for the 2012 Olympics will it see it as the biggest landmark in
London , bigger than St Pauls, Westminster Abbey or Wembley Stadium
Take a second to cast your vote in The Evening Standard on-line poll to
determine public opinion about whether a mega mosque should be built for
the Olympics.

The vote so far is 62 % in favour. It looks like the Muslim community is
casting its vote in droves, and as usual the Christians are burying their
heads in the sand…

Not this bloody e-mail doing the rounds There’s no mention of taxpayer money in the article. The last time I read about this, it said it would be privately financed - pretty sure not (edit) even Ken would pump in £100 mil for a mosque .

Also, as for " It looks like the Muslim community is casting its vote in droves" - wrong, the muslim ‘community’ in the area are opposed to it being built…and have been trying to stop the development

I was going to sign it - saudi invovlement is always dodgy,but whichever way the poll goes, it won’t make the slightest diff. to what happens…and anything to do with the daily mail group and their unhealthy obsession with diana, muslims, single mothers makes me .

edit: typo

i say NO **** em …

dodgy? what about a new knocking shop!

what a pathetic topic. so much for diversity.


I’m with you mate.


Whether its true or not, this post would seem to represent a rather anti-community view which I think DOES NOT sit very well with the community minded view that is London Bikers…not Christian Bikers or White Anglo Saxon Bikers…LONDON BIKERS!!!

Take the unsubtle racism elsewhere please…


Sounds like a good idea to me. It brings in foreign visitors and money to london. Whats wrong with that?

And they need somewhere to prey so " build it and they will come" LOL!

Is a mega mosque a bit like a mega mac…but unblessed??

Oh and it’s…

seriously! LOL

I dont mind people discussing this subject, dont get me wrong, but dont make this about muslims against christians. thats just unneccessary and i was quite offended by your comment. while you’re at it, why dont you tell us how you really feel?