Not many people know this!!

If you take your tax disc off and also your Reg plate when you go to a track day in Brands and I also hear Cadwell too. Even with a noisy can you are still allowed to race around the tracks and they will let you ride any direction you want too!!

The best bit is…


How do you know this? … Most have a db limit for the circuit, so it wouldn’t matter if you took a race bike, road legal bike, or scooter, as they would all need to be under the track db limit.

Well, that is my understanding. Correct me if I am wrong.

Sorry mate, :smiley: I was continuing from a quality post from earlier on in the evening…

cool :cool:

it’s the, erm, law of the, ahem, free now apparently… Take your plate off and pay fugg all, for anything, ever again…

Can I be a member of this club! lol :smiley:

phantomgixer (02/09/2008)

too right … :smiley:

back to **** hole westminster anyway , if the bike has a cover on it they are not legally allowed to touch the bike to even see the plate ??

Apparently, so I hear, when you hotwire a bike and snap the disklock of, you can ride it all for free. Even better, then you go to a petrol station and don’t have to bother paying either. Same for speed cameras, just ignore them, somebody elses will get the bill.

Isn’t all this free stuff great

keith-17 (02/09/2008)

That used to be the case. Now they are allowed to lift the cover to see the reg.