Not Happy - WSBK Spoiler

If Max ‘I can make it’ Biaggi hadn’t knocked Haga off in that race where he tried a stupid Pedrosa-esque move to get ahead, it would be finally Haga and finally Yamaha to take the crown. :frowning:

Ah well…Well done Toseland I guess, but I would’ve expected him to win by more than just 2 points :crazy:

In that case if Lanzi had not c0cked up in race one it would have been more than 2 points :smiley:

Lanzi should’ve done it properly :wink:

Don’t deal in what-if’s, this is racing!! Max is out there to win, not to tour! Today’s racing showed that it’s a dog eat dog world, if you haven’t got the balls to go for the win, you shouldn’t be out there!


or if JT’s bike had not broken down at donny add 20-25 points. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a more serious note - if the R1 had not eaten rear tyres so quickly in the first couple of rounds, haga would have been a contender from the start.

Will 08 be his year?

here here Pete and Jay!

Love Haga but JT won the most races - he’s the true champ and rode to the next level many a time this year.

Motogp might be a fair bit tougher though but i reckon he’ll be top 10.