Not Gonna Get 1st Service Done In Time - Advice Please

Hi All,

Had my new CBF125 about a month now, the first service is due at 600 miles so I called up the Honda Service Centre at 500 and have to wait 2 weeks (well, 12 days now).

Trouble is, I’m at 800 miles now and will probably be closer to 1200 by the time I get it to the dealership.

So, a couple of questions:

Should I change the oil now or will it be alright to leave it? (Handbook says change at 600)A friend said that even an oil change could invalidate the warranty - any truth in this?Will I do my warranty any damage by not having gotten it in on time?All replies gratfully received :smiley:


a service anywhere (vat registered company) using honda approved oil/filter etc and to their specifications will hold up to any warranty dispute ! see the ‘block exemption’ page, hope this helps :wink:

I’m a great believer in service schedules…up to a point. Just don’t get paranoid about them. A few hundred miles is neither here nor there.

Topping up the oil will not invalidate your warranty, just the opposite. The same with coolant. Just follow the handbook instructions. Oh, and lube the chain if you’ve not been doing that regularly. Just don’t try to change anything.

You don’t have to take the bike back to where you bought it, as Banjax34 said, any vat registered decent company will do. Any Honda agency is better but not compulsary. (Some EU directives are worthwhile.)

So. Start phoning around or just wait it out. Your choice. If you wait it out and the dealer gets pushy when you turn up, just tell him it’s his fault for not giving you warranty priority.

Cheers Oldguy,

I have been lubing the chain with every wash so should be OK on that score. I was gonna do a full oil change and just go over the nuts & bolts - the bike has developed a bit of a vibration and I think it’s the right hand fairing, but won’t touch anything I’m unsure of.

I’ll give the dealership a call tomorrow and voice my concerns with them and also ask about the oil change - if they give me the green light then I guess they can’t moan about it later.

My brother in law is a mechanic and lives 3 doors down, so I’ll have adult supervision :smiley:

Thanks for the info Banjax - I’m a little loathe to go elsewhere because as it is the first service on a new bike so it’s free - obviously, worth paying for if its gonna mess up the bike but not otherwise.


I seem to remember your sort of Sevenoaks ish neck of the woods.

Give Fast Lane in Tonbridge a call, bloody excellent guy’s.

They will fit you in ASAP and they always do a very good job, yoiu can even get in there with the spanners to help.

They show you what they are doing and how to do it yourself.

Cheers Buttonmonkey - I’ve been in there (letching at an upgrade already :smiley: not gonna happen for a while though :hehe: ) - seem like friendly guys - might pop over tomorrow and have a chat with them.

I’m around tomorrow so if you’d like me to come along to do the introductions I’m quite happy to go along with you.

Thanks for the offer - that’s proper good of you - gotta shoot over to Aylesford early, but should be back by midday - I’ll call the dealership before I go and see if they’ll fit me in quickly - if not, then I’ll defo shoot over fast lane.

Will pm you in the morning to let you know - don’t want you hanging around in good bike riding weather for no reason :smiley:

PM sent

I wouldn’t skimp on the first service. Atleast do the oil change yourself and then take it in for service later.