not again!!!!!!!

Feel for ya mate.

yea he said it was a health and safety thing, just incase i needed to use it on my test??

Would you really ride a bike knowing the horn wasn’t working consistently? I use mine several times a day, saved my arse quite a few times with dozy folk on mobiles etc.

gutted for ya…

get a schools bike, do it on that. good way to practice nerve mangement tho aye!

That’s my point, you don’t need to point out that it doesn’t work! Just show him you know how to operate it.

As to riding without a horn - mine actually stopped working the other day (loose connection now fixed) There’s no way I would stop riding & call out AA to get recovered to my destination just because it dosn’t work, but I did miss it, had to give some revs instead a few times - not an option for scooters though.

how unlucky is that. tough break buddy.

3rd times the charm

yea i hope so!