not again!!!!!!!

well… i had my re-test today for my A2 license,

got there this time… perfectly fine…

at first he wasnt guna let me do it cus i had a race can on the 125cc but he let that slip cus of the trouble i had last time,

second he didint know whether the bike was restricted or not so he phoned up the technical support people and then said i was good to go…

got all my kit on… radio on… went out to the bike,

okay were guna take u through the “show me questioNS”

Brake lights… check


kill swiitch… check

horn… erm… erm… no horn…SH*T!!!

aparently due to health and safety hazzards i am unable to take part in my test due to no horn!!!

i am totally…p!ssed off, upset, annoyed, and just well i think u can guess how i am…

and terry before u put any smark comments up…DONT!!!

Sorry Christof x

(I thought you always had the horn)

Sorry, couldn’t help it


Gutted for you!!
Why weren’t all these things not checked before the test - has to be MOT passable (even with race can)

Next time, borrow a bike from a mate that’s all good!

Is this bike another one from the bike school?

If so, what a bunch of C0cks

Dude, well sorry to hear this man, was it your bike or theirs?

Also I’m surprised as I only had to do break check and tyre wear!

Really gutted for you m8, was looking forward to riding with you on the trip

i am gutted for you mate

Sorry to hear this

Sorry to hear it mate, hopefully you can re book soon.

o mate i do feel sorry for you, to have it happen twice as well, re book it today straight away

Hi Chris sorry to hear that

dude, that is well unlucky, if it was a borrowed bike then get em to sort it!!

Oh Jeez I’m gutted for you mate

What a kick in the Bo££ocks for you today

Who’s bike were you on?

Hard Lines mate, real hard luck.

'kin hell mate, not good

that’s ****ty dude!


Really sorry dude

it was mates bke this time, but… on the way there… the horn worked

when i was there it didnt, when i was on my way back it worked but when i got to mine it didnt…

the people who i borrowed the bike off last time im taking to court next week hopefully…

i feel gutted 4 ya fella.

not even getting out on the road!!!

i would be well p!ssed off make sure u get that test booked and maybe this time go with a firm thats been recomended

No good to tell you now, but you only needed to show him where the controls are, don’t have to prove they work. It is after all a test of your skill not an MOT of your bike. Shame you tried to get it to work & proved it didn’t.

Err, 'fraid not, it states on the application form for a driving test :

“You must provide a roadworthy vehicle which is taxed, insured, and suitable for the purpose of the test.”