Not a great start to the day

Turning off Marylebone Road into a side street of Marylebone this morning, faced with a lorry a hundred yards away on my side of the road (wrong side for him). Tried to slow down/stop, but there was an oil patch, so the bike went and so did I!
Damaged a few parts here and there (nothing really bad but I will want to replace), and have hurt my wrist a litttle (again not bad).

The idiot didnt admit he shouldnt have been driving down the road on the wrong side though and didnt want to swap details. I took some pictures, but realistically without a witness I have no chance of getting anywhere!

Why was he on the wrong side, over taking parked vehicles?

No he was pulling into a loading bay but as its normally a quiet street he must of thought “sod it” and approached the space on the wrong side of the road, rather than approaching it and then pulling in (or reversing).
Just noticed break spring which attaches to pedal has come loose (should just reattach). So told MOT place.

Any chance off CCTV? I’m no expert and bow to those with greater knowledge, however, by law should he not of passed on his details as he has contributed to the situation?

No i dont think so as its only a little side street. To be honest, if there wasnt oil on the road and it hadnt just rained a bit, I would have probably stopped without any problems. He just made me stop quicker by continuing to come towards me on the wronf side. He should have stopped as soon as he saw oncoming traffic. Knob-Head!

Sorry to hear your news. This is why I now have a camera on my bike. Though, must admit, even with camera footage when my partner was knocked off her bicycle by driver who then drove off, the cops haven’t exactly done that much about it.

Yeah unless you have a true witness I dont think you get anywhere. Also by alerting the insurance company I will probably end up being the one who gets hit with costs and more expensive insurance.
Need to keep it quiet from the missus though, as dont want to be causing her worry…

Also, as my helmet hit the ground (not too hard or from too much of a height) and has a small scuff on the jaw area, should I get a new helmet?
No cracks, just a scuff…

If you’ve got his reg details I’d report him to the police for passing on details in a accident.
Though like you, I wish I’d never let my insurance company know about my little spill on diesel. Dreading the renewal.

Yup, but as soon as I tell the police, the insurance will know about it.
I think I just have to bite my lip and deal with it. :frowning:

I think that’s the best thing to do… I’ve amassed a good collection of these ‘no claim accidents’ which had to be reported and they mess my insurance premiums up ridiculously…

Redwez - if you have an Arai helmet supposedly you can take it to any Arai dealer and they can send it to have it tested and tell you if it is still ok. I don’t know about other vendors though. Keep in mind that you should only keep your helmet for 5ish years anyway.

Its a Shark, and the visor alone was over £50 so I just bought a new helmet…better to be safe than sorry.
plus the wife might of asked why i have a scuff etc etc

I’m not sure you’d have a claim against the lorry driver?

Unless I’m missing something, surely you claim is against whoever left the oil on the road for you to slip on. That may sound a little harsh but that’s the reality of it.

No, if you didn’t hit him you’d have a hard job explaining his involvement. If you saw him at a hundred yards away you’ve not got much excuse for his presence causing you to crash, it’s just down to the diesel on the road.

I saw him coming, but he refused to stop and continued coming towards me on the wrong side of the road.
But i agree, the oil was the main cause, otherwise I reckon I would have been more likely to stop without any issues.

Just sods law. going to end up costing me after replacing my helmet…replacing scuffed parts etc…

If the lorry driver was pulling into somewhere that will explain why he was on the wrong side of the road, they need the space to turn.

Even in my car I have to drive on the wrong side of the road to pull into my dads, and that’s in an even worse spot, it’s just before a bend.

And if you didnt see the oil patch before had, that and had to brake hard enough to come a cropper on it, then I’d question the way you was riding. Ever the Devils advocate :wink:

Wet roads can be hard to distinguish from diesel sometimes :frowning:

100 yards at thirty MPH.
I`m sure National Treasure can provide the figures.
Highway code suggests 23 metres at 30 MPH.
I rest my case.

But you can multiply that by 10 on ice/diesel!