Not a Biker YET

This is amazing how ppl here are kind are helping, u just ask and find a lot of answers, thanks for all, and sharpshooter, i think ill get 400cc one, or almost the SV one, which ill keep not for long time, just to get use on he roads, then sell it to get bigger one !!

Lol same as me. I can’t make my mind up what i want. One day i’ll say a VFR, next day an SV, another day i’ll just think f*ck it i’ll get a gsxr600/750

This is what exactly happens to me


I think every one hear have given u the best advise their is to be honest,however i just wanted to add a small thing here

i was in ur shoes just over thre and half years agoand couldn’t decide what to get but at that point i had an internation licence as bike test back home is p**s easy nothing like so i got it from their and i bought my self my first ever bike and geuss what it was a gixxr 600 SRAD that was an ex track brought back to road so i picked up realtively cheap 2000£ and went on scaring my self ****less

the point here is every body is difrent and yes smaller bikes are alot more forgiving and easier to ride but u need to be a bit on the edge [ thats me personaly ] i think

and a midle class sports bike is a great tool for that as it wont scare the liveing day lights out of u unless u make them very upset but then again powerfull enough to keep u on ur toes

and once u get used to them u can start pushing them further and they will take a lot from u before u can say i want more

as for weather to get sport 400cc the thing is they cost almost as much as u used six or slightly less but u will out grow them quicker than u will do with the six

as for the sv they are great but twins r very dif from inline fours and if u r planning to get a four then learn to ride a four as they r very dif from the twins

hope i made sence as sometimes i don’t and end up confusing myself and everyone elss for that matter

any way whatever u get just take it easy and learn to ride what u can and not what others can

and listen to the advise on the gear as it will save ur ass from lady asphalet

i got an r6 as a first bike. loved it. there’s a natural tendancy to short shift so you wont use the true power band til you’re comfortable with the bike anyway. its all about doing the miles - pick a bike that will make you want to do them.

different strokes for different folks. some see it as a challenge, some see it as intimidating

lol Scorpion, u already made me confused and johny came out to ensure that lol, kidding !

thanks for advice all, and thanks for letting me know everyone’s experience

no worries

now use all the advise to come to ur owen conclusion knowing ur ableties and what u can do and don’t compare with others…then u will just fine

all the best of luck