Northgate Powder Coaters - Waltham Abbey

Has anyone used these Powder Coaters before?

I’m getting my Firestorm wheels, subframe and swinging arm done.

if you get it done …let us know so can tell me if there any good

I don’t mind being a guinea pig

£35 to blast and coat a wheel don’t sound bad to me… The have a whole range of colours too.

mmmmm… might do a Rossi Assen 2007 replica

i us a place near me in watford there very very good do the wheels for 25 and quick turn around

What company was it?



Is that including shot blasting as well for £25?

I’d do a tenner in juice there and back to Watford anyway

Took my wheels into Northgate yesterday.

They stripped and blasted them while i waited.

I then masked the centres up myself - just to be sure

I will post the results but pleased with service so far and their work looks spot on.

They do lots of classic bike and car stuff

btw They are literally 1 minute off M25 J26 so easy to get to