Northerners Fuel Protest (Manchester)


It’s been a long time since I was on here, I’ve been bikeless since I blew my 3rd thundercat gearbox (yep, I must really suck at riding, huh?) - anyway, I’m on an 04 636 Ninja now, in Black, and I love it -

Anyway, this morning hundreds, if not nearer a thousand bikers from up’narf had a bit of a sulk about fuel prices, my pictures and a write up of the day are up on my site here, it’s way, way off topic for my blog, which is usually technical stuff - but I wanted a record of the day’s events!

comments or suggestions welcome, I believe a similar protest is coming to London shortly.

Were any of the LB crew who aren’t actually from London (like meee!) there, or does anyone have any more info about it ?