Northern tight git in EXILE

Hi folks, i guess its my round at the virtual bar

Im affraid to say that i do actually associate with the likes of Oncas, Spart and Terry-motto

For those that dont know me, i’ve got a bog standard 97 Onda RRV Blade that i rape and abuse ona a regular basis and a 97 1200 Bandit that seems to spent more time in bits

Welcome, Nice looking bike!!

Welcome to LB m8…

ey up Newbie

Welcome m8

What your getting a round in

Dont get too excited dude, its only a virtual round , coz i’m BAR-SHY

Welcome aboard

welcome to lb…newbie…nice chopper

Welcome to LB, Nice bike

very nice… like that alot!

Welcome to the site :slight_smile:


Hello matey,

Terry told me that you are advertising the lesbian correction facility on this here site, any takers yet

Good to see ya now the two of us can verbally kick the ****e out of spart like we have done on Old Skool, DTP & SES where ever he shall try and hide we will seek and destroy

Hi and welcome aboard.

Cheers for the warm welcome folks, its nice n cozy in here now…so no farting please

Hello and welcome…

welcome to the site, cool ride