Northern Rock

So which camp were you in?

  1. Panicking ‘sheep’ queuing for hours to withdraw savings

  2. Canny investor who picked up the shares cheap yesterday

I made a tasty bit of money in 24 hours after picking up NR shares at £2.70 yesterday. Also made money off the collateral damage to Alliance and Leicester.

Happy days…

Was thinking about it, but then realised I have no money lying about to play with :frowning:

yer I’m gutted i get paid on friday otherwise I would have bought a few hundred shares…

plus 1 :doze:

There is a saucy little killing to be made concerning a little episode that has arisen recently…I,ll be at borough market tomorrow if anyone wants to go a extra pork and apricot banger !!


I nearly went for the shares but, as usual, hesitated too long :frowning: