Northern outstation

Hi all, I’m LeeWorked in london for a lot of years and frequented the bridge before it shut down and then moreso at the ace. Still got some good connections with bikers from London and normally make a couple of trips down from Teesside each summer to say hello.

Currently on holiday in Malta and ive bumped into smiffy from your site. thank feck… someone who is on my wavelength !

Ive also got an account on another london bikers website… fingers crossed the hostilities of years back are over now.

Anyhow, i’ll continue to log in from time to time and see whats going on. Who knows, next time I’m in town i might just tip up at the borough market.

Heres a couple of photos of a bike “similar to mine” breaking the law out in the isle of man at this year TT

from both sides

met some of the riders too

the lovely jenny

This one was taken up in Durham recently

and in Northallerton recently
(picture taken by Keith Amor)One with Keith(picture taken by Ian Hutchinson)
Big fan or road racing obviously… is anyone on here heading over for the manx GP this weekend?

Heres my machines

have an old blade too

Hi welcome to LB:D



Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB

Lee your currently sleeping so I thought I’d come on here and tell everybody what a great bloke you are…but I dont blow smoke up anyones arse.

There I was playing in the pool with my Girls and I start talking to a lovely lass from up north, she tells me her hubby is mad on bikes and that he had his face in his mags instead of half killing his kids in the pool…Turns out she says he was on London Bikers and how he is looking to buy an MV F4…so I go and introduce myself and tell him how I killed my MV F4 on a Breakfast club run…the rest is history, beers…wines…whiskey and shite loads of sun…oh and the water slide where we take it in turns to soak anyone stupid enough to sit anywhere close by…to nick the catch phrase of Justin Lee Colins " GOOD TIMES".

Welcome mate.

Welcome aboard, Lee, your VTR’s looking gorgeous.You will be very welcome at BM. Also there are rideouts a-plenty organised here courtesy of Jetstream, TimR, Elad, and others. Some may even end up in your neck of the woods :w00t:Is your Dad still pleased with the bike you bought him for his birthday? I really enjoyed seeing that moment on video.Have a great holiday :cool:

thanks for the warm welcome, yes my dad is still chuffed with his bike, it was a long time ago when he last rode one so this year has mostly involved training rides around our local industrial estate. last trip out though, we ventured out into north yorkshire at a nice sedate pace so that he could see my lines throught the corners. He is coming on well now and things the little ER5 is a missile !! ha ha! lets see if he feels the same way after a year or so!

hello and welcome mate.

Any friend of Smiffy…

Hi and welcome aboard.
Nice pictures.

Welcome Lee to London Bikers. What a small circle this biking thing is eh?

innit just !

more pictures of the new baby

Which one is you in these photos?

Welcome aboard mate some nice peoples on ere .

Nice pics…Nice bikes.


Welcome to the fold… Nice pics, i loved going to the TT’s but ive missed out on the last few years due to work. Id love to take my bike over there one year too.

Welcome to LB

Hi Lee,

Welcome To LB Mate :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB.

Beautiful looking bike.


Welcome to LB from a fellow Teesider! :smiley:

I’m originally from Stockton, but been down here for some years now… :wink: