Northern Invasion

Hey, it’s cold up here in the North so I thought I’d finally sign up and say hi in the hope of being welcomed into the warm bosom of Londons bikers.

As the runt of the litter that spawned Andrew&7 I’ve already met a few of you guys so thanks for the hospitality so far, I’m sure I’ll be back darn sarf soon when I lose the stabilisers off the bike.

already poked you with the newbie stick!

but welcome

Hi, and a warm welcome from the sweltering south to a frozen bod from up norf.

Hi and welcome to the site

Howdy doody, from one newbie to another!

Welcome to LB dude

SmacK poke poke with the newbie crutches

Well thanks for the welcome people, I feel a warm and fuzzy feeling deep inside. Might just be indigestion from last nights Aftershock fenzy though.

Long may the sun shine on all your gleaming helmets.

I polish mine daily! Keep it smelling fresh for the daily ride.

Hey Steve, welcome to LB!

welcome and hello!! hope to catcha at the cubana sometime!

Thanks again for the big welcome.

Living just outside of Leeds makes it difficult to get to the Ace or Cubana’s with any degree of regularity (I know its just one long excuse for me!) but I’m sure I’ll be back down soon trying desperately to hang onto big bro’s dust trail which may lead to one of the aforementioned venues.

Junior H… Welcome to LB fella… Love the avitar!!!

Thanks Foxy, that’s my new bike, although I have subsequently added stabilisers, spokey-dockeys, and shopping basket and some streamers on the bar ends. Looks fantastic but think it now needs an alarm but the accessories cost me all my pocket money.

And don’t forget the ridiclious hat.


See you’ve upgraded from the SV

Welcome to a fellow Northerner, wrong side of the country as far aas i’m concerned though

Ya hay! Lancashire la-la-la, Lancashire la-la-la

everyone is related up north…

Just kidding… welcome to gixerjunkies ermm i mean LB…