Northen Roundabout Westway A40

Blimey after about 6 months, work has actually started on redoing this total mess up. It’s only because of the opening of the Westfield shopping centre though.

Shepherds Bush roundabout looks as if progress is being made at last. How long has it been a building site? I lost track after 4 years.

Also Black BMW pulling north on the West Cross Route by the shopping centre. Today the usual stuff - traffic was solid northbound there because Wood Lane still one way south. All because of damn stupid Westfield Shopping Centre.

Dunno what the BMW was pulling the 125 Courier for. Certainly not speeding.

Suppose to open next month (Nov). Anybody heard of an opening date?

Many things annoy me about this abomination of a shopping centre. The fact that TFL just lay on their back and let themselves be tickled by the developers is one. The fact that we local residents face total gridlock on the roads round there is another thing. It does not take much to induce gridlock as was shown the other day when resurfacing of the upramp Westbound onto the A40 (at the behest of Westfield, not because the potholes were due to be fixed by TFL) caused the whole of West london to sieze up. I object to the damage that will be done to local shops.

But how many people who intend visiting it will return after they find it is impossible to get to and from this place because of the traffic?. For example anyone attempting to go west on Friday afternoon?

I’m sure the hoodies of Shepherds Bush will also find rich shop lifting pickings there.