North Wales Weekend

As some of you are aware Mark & I have arranged this weekend with B&B and we’ve sorted a great tour.

We will be staying in Mid Wales at a great biker friendly B&B, safe for all our bikes, provides evening meals if required (I’ll give more info when we know who’s coming) and most importantly they have a bar there!!! We have stayed here before so can vouch for it.

Room availability is limited to 3 doubles … so couples are advised to confirm asap, 5 twins, but at a push we can turn two twins into triples using the maximum beds.

We will be riding up on the Friday morning, early, stopping at various places along route, NO motorways! Roughly 250 miles. Saturday we have a great route mapped out (tried & tested) it covers approx 150 miles, lots of sight seeing. Those that wanted to do the mountain train or walk up Snowdon will have to break off from the main group and meet back up along route. There is just so much to see and do we never have enough time that’s why we’ve done so many trips this year. Sunday the route home will be different from the route up so you can take in more of the beautiful scenery. Maps & directions will be given to everyone so no one will get lost, we’ll have meeting points along route and planned fuel stops.

I’ve provisionally booked this, I will need full payment by 8th January 2008, it is £37.00 per person per night… so if you want to join us get payment to me asap lol.

Booked so far:

  1. Ang - Double 1
  2. Mark - Double 1
  3. Debz - Double 2
  4. Graham - Double 2
  5. Sherrie - Twin 1
  6. Westie - Twin 5
  7. Ginger - Twin 3
  8. Joella - Twin 2
  9. TQ3 - Twin 1
  10. JimC - Twin 3
  11. Busa55 - Double 3
  12. Mrs Busa - Double 3
  13. Miggy - Twin 5
  14. wlodek_1980 - Twin 4
  15. Mrs wlodek_1980 - Twin 4


Great news, JimC is joining us for this trip too… I’ve added you to the list.

i wanna be at the rear

You been having lessons? … :stuck_out_tongue:

Any space left Ang? we are checking dates, see if we are off work on the 18th if we are we would like 1 double please:)

Looks like all the double rooms have been taken by the big bad Busa riders :D:D

I’ve put you down, just let me know if you can’t come and I’ll take you off the list.

Not many spaces left now, this will be a great weekend… bringing a camera is a MUST, you’ll see why I say it once we’re there.

We can confirm now Ang:)

Thought I’d just post some little appetisers :w00t:

Photos 1, 2, 3 are of Horseshoe Pass

Photos 4, 5, 6 are of Bala Lake

Photo 7 Dyfi Furnace

Photo 8 The Snowdon Train at it’s furthest point… not quite the top.

The last few are of Elan Valley… The photo’s don’t do it justice.
















Here’s a couple of links …

Nice one Ang:) I know the area quite well and really looking forward to getting on those fantastic roads:)

Looks lovely Ang :slight_smile:

Bit low on nite life, is it keys in the bowl again? :Whistling:

No need for you guys to do that, there’s plenty of sheep around :smiley:

Us girls will make do with the sexy men in the village :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you mean like him? :w00t:

Ang is this booked up…I would like to come but will most definitely be on my lonesome.

There’s a couple of spaces left, don’t worry about being on your lonesome as there’s a big group of us no one will be left out.

No no more like this lol



Grim is this you???

GSXRAng (27/12/2007)

Grim is this you???[/quote]

No :Whistling: That’s a training video for Ginger :smiley:


iF yOu takE me wIth yOu giNgeR YoU caN bE uP mY rEar tHe whOle weEkeNd :wink: