North Wales Weekend #6

Wales Trip #6

:smiley: Thursday 22nd April – Sunday 25th April 2010 My Birthday Weekend :smiley:

(Now Full)

Right it’s that time of year to get the Wales trips sorted, we are doing it on a first come first served basis with a £50 deposit and just for this one we are opening it up to everyone (except 125 riders, straight liners and super hero’s!).

We will be departing from the Ace at 8am on Thursday 22nd April and returning the evening of Sunday 25th.

There are 16 places available,… 3 double rooms and 5 twins, there are no single rooms so you have to be prepared to share your room with another Lber.

Further information can be obtained via pm.

Have a look at our previous trips and photo’s.

  1. Ang (Double) … Paid in Full

  2. Mark … Paid in Full

  3. AndyP (Double) …Paid in Full

  4. Chris …Paid in Full

  5. Dawn-Tiggi (Double)…Paid in Full

  6. Curtis … Paid in Full

  7. Anita-Nonsense … Paid in Full

  8. Ginger (sharing with Jim)…Paid in Full

  9. JimC … Paid in Full (sharing with Ginger)

  10. Byron-MissingDroid … Paid in Full (sharing with Rob)

  11. Rioting Rob … Paid in Full (sharing with Byron)

  12. Mark (sharing with Anne)…Paid in Full

  13. Anne-TQ3 (sharing with Mark)…Paid in Full

  14. Westie …Paid in Full

  15. Gianni …

  16. Ducky :wink: Roland Rat …Paid in Full

£50 Deposit ASAP to secure your place and full payment to be paid by 1st March 2010

Me please :smiley:

Seeing as I am early to ask, please can I not share with Ginger…lol
No offence Ginger, I am just concerned that I might see more than I can resist! haha

Can you put me and Curtis down for one of the double rooms please Ang, will need him to book the time off work :smiley:

Talk about alienating half the forum! :smiley:

Looks like it will be a good trip, but I’ll be working - have fun those who go!

I don’t care, these trips aren’t for hero’s, there’s alot of riding on very demanding roads and I will not have others safety put at risk with knobs wanting to under take or trying to prove they are Rossi :smiley: But I know what you mean Alex ;):smiley:

Oh sh*t just seen this, got to find someone to share with:w00t: Dont go away be back in a minute:w00t:

Anita’s going :smiley: … Ginger will probably go, he’s always up for room mate, don’t worry though we’ve never had problems in the past with fixing people up.

Sorry, i like ginger but to share a room with that nutter, erm no:D

Where’s Tugs when you need him, i’ll speak to Tugs if he’s willing to share then i’m in :smiley:

Actually, I shared a room with ginge on a previous trip. The boy is not that bad in private. The lack of audience calm him down :smiley:
Not once he is out of the room in public, that is an other story… :w00t:

We would have been interested for a usual Friday departure and with a double room, but seeing as those are both off, we probably won’t be attending :sick:

push the beds together!

Next one for me please :P:P

Ha ha. Doesn’t solve the getting time off work problem:doze:

Yes please.


FOUND my room mate then …lol

Unfortunately i will not be able to attend this Ang, it’s just too close to me coming back from Le Mans.

Have a great time as i’m sure you all will.

feck i need to get on the bike asap now , gotta get used to riding again quick lol

January isnt looking good for that Andy

Couldn’t have picked a worse week for us Ang:crying: first week back at school after the Easter break so will have to give this one a miss:crying:

But you never know, you may get some daytrippers come visit you;)