North Wales Weekend #4

Would it be ok if I came to this one as well as the April one Ang?? Pretty please, with a massive cherry on top, I’ll be so bored of unemployment by then :smiley: :smiley:

Yep of course it would. I added another date due to having quite alot on a reserve list but you know how these things pan out, you book another date then no one wants to come on it lol … I’m sure it will get pretty full within the next couple of weeks though.

would come to this one aswell but i would be taking the mick at work as its too close to my nw200 trip!

What day do you have to sign on lets hope its not a monday or friday :slight_smile:

Lol, you cheeky fug :stuck_out_tongue:

come with us to france then for a change :smiley:

I want to go too!!!:slight_smile:

Don’t forget about me…I want to go too!!kisses

Hey it’s ‘Rodders’ ya nutter lol like Delboy and Rodney, you’re already on my list Rodders :stuck_out_tongue:

kisses? pmsl, :stuck_out_tongue:

How could you miss this Shaun, glad you’re coming now :slight_smile:

Don’t . . . :crying:

Lots of swapping and changing, the list has once again changed and now only 2 places left. :slight_smile:

Ang, could you put me down for this pwetty pwease :stuck_out_tongue:

Brilliant… Mark said if you bring the girl in your avatar he’ll pay for you LOL (bl00dy perv!) :smiley:

More changing around but now we are full… there are a couple of people on a reserve list so if anyone isn’t sure if they are going to make it please try and give me as much notice as possible to fill your place. If it can’t be filled you will lose your full payment.

Reminder, I should have deposits off of everyone, those who haven’t paid theirs can you do so…remember this has got to be paid in full by the end of March :slight_smile:

Lots of interest means there’s a reserve list.

Hi there i would like to put my name down please, can you give me some more details. this is Will. cheers :slight_smile:

There’s no more details at the moment as we are full, if a place should become available I’ll let you know more.

+1 Reserve list …