North Wales Weekend #4

Friday 22nd – Monday 25th May 2009[/center]

As we keep getting people asking to go on these trips and there never being enough places left we have managed to squeeze this weekend in.

The April weekend is full and I’d appreciate people didn’t ask to swap as it will mess all the arrangements already made for that, but, you are welcome to come on this one too.

Please note there are no single rooms. There are 3 Doubles and 5 Twins.

The cost of this will be £156.00 or £165.00 depending on menu choices. A £50 deposit is needed by the end of Jan and balance by the end of March.

No L platers, straight liners or riding gods please. There will be at least 1000 miles to cover over the four days, at a reasonable pace.

Please put your name down asap and if you need more info I’ll fire it over via pm.

  1. Ang
  2. Mark
  3. Jetstream
  4. Julie
  5. Stacy
  6. Lee
  7. KML
  8. MissingDroid
  9. Rockerchick
  10. Georgey Boy
  11. D675-Frederick
  12. Ginger
  13. Rodders
  14. Ricky
  15. Westie
  16. Shaun

Pick me, pick me.

Will see if I can get another pass :slight_smile:

**** me Ang thats a bit harsh. :slight_smile:

Very funny Mr. 69!!:hehe:

Sadly have to miss this one, I’ll be doing a scooter tour of the greek islands. :wink:

That leaves a place open for someone else to enjoy this wonderous Wales#4 trip, thoroughly recommended. :w00t:

. . . sorry . . will be in Holland, junt been reminded :wink:

you made of suger or wat:P

Bugger cant do that weekend:angry:

That’s a shame Mo.

Curtis, you’re now added to this one. :smiley:

Ang add me + 1 sounds like a giggle.

2 places for Nuts? … I’ve added you, just confirm if you require 1 or 2 places and if its double or twin :wink: cheers

You guys have too much free time, its criminal :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a briliant weekend :slight_smile:

Rikster you have got to find time for this one, answer Marks prayers to take a pan around the mountains :smiley:

hmm maybe i should come on this one…

Hi Ang, I’m in for this! :smiley:

The missus has just given the green light!


woohooo nice one :smiley:

Westie just let me know, I’ll stick you down as a ? mark for now.

As said to you earlier, might be going away end of May, dates still to be confirmed so don’t put me down for a spot yet.

Hey Ang, any chance of putting me down as a possible for now? Need to see if I can afford it. Thanks.


I think you should.:wink: