North (of) London after work rides?

I’m pondering going out one evening most weeks, leaving from somewhere near South Mimms of an evening and spending a couple of hours getting to a pub in daylight along minor roads approximately between the A1 and A10.

Anyone nearby and/or heading in that direction and fancy joining in? What days/times suit?

I’m based near the bottom of the A1, but would need to check which evening would suit best…

sounds very much like the old LB herts meetups! but with more riding.

Could be tempted from Watford :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to invite Kishan

If you are starting at South Mimms, then I’m going to be tempted on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’m close to the A10 on both those days from 7/7:30pm.

Could be considered, just have to remember to ride in that morning, or leave early and meet you further north. Up for some Hitchin to Finchingfield early evening antics too if others are.

Sounds like a good plan to me. Will you be exploring different routes and destinations each week? :wink:

How far North? I’ve found some great roads round Melton Mowbray!!

Ah, Tues or Thurs are my favourites, too. Thinking of being away by 7 to get a couple of hours’ riding in bfore dusk (and then going home in the dark).

It’ll be mostly about finding new roads, though my preference is for shitty little ones with no line markings and occasional gravel, so I might have to temper that somewhat…

Mmmm :slight_smile:

Oh no, not more Jetsteam-style off road expeditions. :smiley:

The roads around Melton Mowbray are great, but probably a bit far to go for an evening after work blat.

quote* I’ve found some great roads round Melton Mowbray!!*quote
no shit Sherlock! :smiley: :smiley:

Well??? I can do them after work!

as the light evenings get longer id probably be up for it can’t comment on what days I’m usually shattered after a day at work so will just plat it by ear…think i need to get a job where i sit on my arse all day…

Well, as midummer nears we can get further away, I’m not sure how feasible Melton would be, but it’d be good to give it a go :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of having a go next Thursday (7th May). If we do the route I’ve in mind there’ll definitely be some dirty tarmac, and the other night there was even deer!

Dirty roads ok with me

7th May should be quiet with the populace watching the swingometer all night :slight_smile:

I could also be tempted to join in. the main issue for me would be time. usually don’t knock off work until 6, so by the time i get home and grab the bike a 7:30 start might be pushing it…

I might be another who has to play it by ear.