North London Noob

Hi Folks

I’m new to LondonBikers and to riding in general. Just starting to get my feet. Lots more to learn than when I got my car license 18yrs ago. It’s fun so far though!

I’ve lurked a little while and some of the posts have been really helpful already. The traffic in London is straight out intimidating and it’s good to see the attitudes and opinions of people that deal with it every day.

Doing my DAS in mid-April. If everything goes smoothly then, amongst more fun things, I’ll be joining the commute from Highbury down to Brick Lane.

See you all around :slight_smile:

Iain H.

Hello and welcome to LB:D

Hi and welcome aboard.

Hi fella

Hi man! Long time no see. Welcome to LB! You going to come down to the meet on Wednesday?


Hello and Welcome:)

Welcome aboard :cool:

welcome onboard.:w00t:


Hi Iain & welcome

I did my CBT in Jan and DAS in March (having never ridden before) and passed my test on the 12th March. NOt looked back since and picked up my splendid new Street Triple Friday just gone. She’s a beast and I can see a long love affair (albeit a late start at 39)with bikes on the horizon!

Good luck!

Sarah :smiley:

Good luck with the DAS. If you ride smoothly, observant, and safely and dont look like a hooligan you’ll fly through. :smiley:

welcome to lb:)

Thanks everyone for the welcome and advice :slight_smile: I’ll let you all know how the DAS goes.

Iain F - I can’t normally make Wednesday’s unfortunately but, if everything goes smoothly, I’ll make sure I make it down one week! …and I’ll bring your game back!

Iain H.

DAS went well - passed the test earlier today :smiley:

Now I’ve got a week away on hols to make up my mind what I’m going to be riding. I was thinking a Bonneville but my commute to work is shortish and all inner-city. Maybe a Hornet or a Bandit or something similar might cope better…?


Well done on passing your test



Hiya Iain, firstly congrats’ on passing your DAS, are you in Partchimp, saw them a while back, nice and noisy. I’m also in the Highbury area so when you get your bike lets take a spin.

Hi Iain

Congratulations on the DAS!!! Now the fun begins!


well done iain, welcome to LB