North London Newbie

Hey there,

Newbie from Muswell Hill here. Got myself a 2005 Kwak Z750s, back in August 2008. Been loving riding (using it to commute) Just completed my Bikesafe - which i took at the Ace Cafe (my first time there) Definately want to go back.

So… drop a line if u fancy saying Hi!

Shaun :smiley:

Hi Shaun,

Welcome to LB :smiley:

FANKS :hehe:

welcome to the site, nice to meet ya yesterday.

Hey there Shaun, welcome :smiley:

Nice to meet you yesterday, hope the bikesafe went well :smiley: See you out and about again soon :slight_smile:

oh now theres an offer…;):stuck_out_tongue:

Huh, what you on about you nutcase!!

Well i would definately like to go out riding some time soon! :wink:

There will most likely be a few of us at the ace on wednesday night, if your about then pop along and meet the rest of the LB gang, keep an eye out in the ride out sections as well, even though it’s getting a bit cold there are still ride outs happening most weekends :slight_smile:

I shall keep an eye out! - Wednesday could work - failing that i shall look out this weekend! :smiley:

I have to run things past my other half :crazy: (non-biker)

Good luck with that :stuck_out_tongue:

i know how you feel, i had a non biker ex, they dont understand…:smiley:

Oh no - mine understands - just wants to Pillion everywhere with me… - he doesnt understand its just not as fun riding 2 up!


Another one of my 05 Kwak!

OH I SEE.:w00t::smiley:

well i prefer riding on my own, as i once took Ginger (i sure you will meet him at some stage) all 17 stone of him on my triumph all the way to Brugge, it was hard work!

JESUS! Most i have carried was 13.5 stone and that felt like it had lead in my tyres! hehehe

I am saving so hard at the moment for next year! i really want my Ninja!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

well considering i was on a 955i triumph tiger at the time, fully laden with all 26 stone of us and luggage we didnt do bad even if we did become airbourne over a railway crossing…:stuck_out_tongue:

oh god - i am imagining a 26+ stone vehicle getting airbourne… the physics would say you would need to be doing nearly what 100mph??? lol

Bet it was fun! so do you pull wheelies and stuff? (im too scared by all that stuff) GULP :unsure:

no my god, i hit the camber at the wrong angle, ha ha it was a heat in mouth moment!!! eek.nah i dont do wheelies yet i love my bike too much for that, but i am streetfightering it a bit, hence the new bars and mirrors. you will meet terrymoto and tug and swill they all ride like nobs, oh sorry i mean fantastically.:P:D

Don’t you think your a little old for school yard name calling!!! :slight_smile: