North London/Herts Pub Night

Does that mean you’ll be coming Mole ? :slight_smile: Surely you can burrow your way here, pop out under a hedge and nobody would know :wink:

I think the proper termonolgy used by one of your hosts was ‘that it’s fun talking b0llox until the early hours’… nowt wrong with chatting ****… I’ve turned it into an artform afterall :smiley: I hope none of you lot are that sensitive that you took that comment personally? I like to stand around, drink tea and chat ****, that’s how you make friends and cunning plans … I also like to ride my bike. :slight_smile:

Theres a 2 acre garden for you to dig holes in Mole;)

Some people do narf get touchy…:laugh:

As long as the garden ends up somewhere that has a kettle and tea making equipment, I burrow up that neck of the woods :slight_smile:

I noticed… :ermm:

Don’t worry babes rest assured doing this job requires a thick skin so any comments on here roll off believe me.

Hope to meet you soon - Ride safe!


I’ll be along in December guys!!! :smiley:

Excellent - bring the better half with you :D:kiss:

Er…Im fluent in talking utter b0llox so i better turn up, be a nice ride from over this way, will giva ya a wave when i go through hexton bandit lol.

Noooooooooooo you can meet me enroute and try and lose me on the way :smiley: It’s a tradition now lol

Ill be there as its only 10 mins ride from me.

Wish I could make it but I’ll be working


I’m sure she’ll come and she will be “showing” by then too! :smiley: :wink:

Congrats!! :smiley:

Does that mean I can say my line now ;)Not only does the ‘hoof’ look great, it works too !!! :w00t:Great news - congratulations :kiss:

Oh, go on then… already done it! ;)Cheers, and thank you Keti.

No wonder we’ve hardly seen ya. Sounds like you and the Hoof have been busy :wink:

:w00t: It’s nice to know I’m missed. :cool: :hehe:

Congratulations Andy … chuffed to bits for you :smiley:

Congratulations ! :slight_smile: