North London/Herts Pub Night

Under New Management :pinch:

Where the bloomin hell is SG13?! Do we need passports? A star ship? :blink:

Nice one chaps/chappesses, cheers for sorting that out :slight_smile:

mole… this is a bigger picture nice roads to it, well from my end :slight_smile: Looks really good, well done guys n gals and thanks :smiley:

gill and i will pencil it in… i might bring the volvo

This place has historically been host to a few bike clubs in the past and keen to accommodate us:)

The local is ideal as its easily accessible from M25, A10 and A1

hope you all approve:cool:

I approve :cool:If you look at the link in main post it shows just how close it is to all those roads Chunks mentioned :smiley: Some wicked roads all around that way :satisfied:

Is it a 7 seater as you can pick us all up on your way? :smiley:

I will check on Disabled Access for you but sure it shouldn’t be a problem;)

Might be able to find you a bar stool with a seat belt too;):stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds great ! :smiley:

That’s a bit too high, perhaps he’d better sit on the sofa ;):smiley:

Sounds good to me, it’ll be a bit later on as we both don’t get back until 7. Do they serve evening meals Chunks ?

Well done! i’ll be there i know that area well!

That’s the thing.

The usual superb menu isn’t availabe in full on Tuesdays as it’s the Chef’s night off (a proper chef i might add)

BUT… Bar food is a possibility and also talking about making Tuesday a Curry Night:cool:

I’ll try and get to this! :slight_smile:

Be good to stand around and chat **** rather than having to read it…


Write it you mean :Whistling:

What food will the pub be serving ?

We will be visiting C&H in the week and will post details of grub etc as and when:cool:

Trust you ;)We were hoping to have been & done a report on food before the post went up, but felt it needed to be up now as it was getting confusing with the other post :smiley:

i have no problems with sitting or stool only steps and stairs…and chunkey nice one on the disabled accsess but i dont think ginger is coming

OK, just making sure there will be food :stuck_out_tongue: You know, a night out isn’t a night out without food ;):smiley: Currey is good, I like a good Indian, even a bad one sometimes :wink: